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WaterAccess is a water quality monitoring program for active NPDES Permits and includes West Virginia Article 3 Permits.

The program provides efficient management of water quality sample analysis results and reporting to support permit compliance monitoring.

The reports include Stormwater Discharge Monitoring Reports (DMR) and West Virginia Article 3 Instream and Groundwater reports by Facility, Location, Permit and Sample.

WaterAccess is especially useful for coal mining operations with hundreds of sample points on overlapping active permits. Each sample point can be shared across multiple permits and designated as an Outlet, Groundwater Site, Upstream Monitoring Site or Downstream Monitoring Site on different permits with varying point identifiers and varying requirements for frequency and analysis limits. Analysis results can be imported from a laboratory data file and are stored by their Sample Number, Date and STORET water
quality parameter numbers. Sample points can be mapped in MapGuide, Autodesk Map, or other GIS software including TractAccess and CoalAccess.

WaterAccess is sold as a site license for up to 3 users at one office location. The price is $3,000.00 and includes one year of phone support. Requires Microsoft Access.
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